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Planning for Summer Art Market Season

Updated: Apr 22

Artist in her art booth at a market selling a variety of items.

The snow is finally beginning to melt here in the mountains, and I am getting really excited for the busy summer art market season. As I've been planning my market schedule and apply for art shows, I've been reflecting on what I can do better to create a less stressful season for myself.

By the way, if you haven't started applying for art shows, now's the time.

Inventory, inventory, inventory

Last summer, I found myself stressing before every show that I wouldn't have enough inventory. This year, I am intentionally setting aside some time in April and May to create extra inventory - focused on my best selling pottery - so I don't feel like I have to hustle so hard to keep up throughout the summer. I'm also being intentional about putting some other areas of my business on hold throughout the summer (like one on one coaching and new wholesale pottery orders for instance), so I can focus more on keeping up with everything that comes with art market season.

Creating processes for sales tax

If you are a small business in Colorado, then you know that Colorado's sales tax laws are difficult. Keeping up with paying sales tax on special events has been the most difficult aspect of running this business.

So, I created a spreadsheet to streamline the process. This process has been an absolute lifesaver for me because nearly every farmer's market or art show has different rules for how to collect and file sales tax. If this is something you struggle with too, you can get my free Special Event Sales Tracking spreadsheet below.

Don't forget to enjoy your life

Despite the magic of summer in the mountains, I barely had a chance to experience it last year. This year, I'm taking a more intentional approach to my schedule, ensuring I have a few fun adventures planned from the get-go. For instance, my husband and I have already scheduled an anniversary camping trip—a missed opportunity from last year.

I encourage you to take some time to reflect on the upcoming market season before diving into hustle mode. Remember to prioritize enjoying your summer and consider planning ahead to streamline your life throughout the busy season.

Here's to a busy summer season selling art and connecting with our customers at markets!

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