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10 Essentials for a Successful Market Day

Market season is officially in full swing! I hope you are off to a great start!

We are focused on our products and displays when getting ready for markets and sometimes that leads to other useful things getting forgotten. After forgetting a few things during my first few markets this year, I decided to make myself a list of all the important things I need to bring to my markets.

Here are my 10 most important things:

  • Credit Card Reader - Make sure it is charged (and the software is updated… mine will force update and this sometimes makes for a very awkward few minutes with customers).

  • Change - I usually make around $100 in cash that I wouldn’t make if I didn’t have change for smaller purchases.

  • Business Cards - I used to buy expensive business cards, but I go through them so quickly at markets, so I switched to a cheaper business card so I don’t feel stingy giving them out.

  • Email List Signup - My email list is one of my greatest assets for my business. It lets me show up in my customer’s inbox weekly and cultivate a stronger relationship with them than I can do on social media alone.

  • External Battery - Make sure you can recharge your phone or your card reader so you don’t miss out on sales because your technology died. I have found a solar charger to be especially helpful during multi-day shows.

  • Packaging and Price Tags - Make sure your prices are marked clearly and you have something to keep your customer’s purchases safe on their way home. 

  • Comfort Items - A chair, some snacks, and plenty of water. Market days can get loooong.

  • Tools - I like to have duct tape, zip ties, a multi-tool, maybe a screwdriver, and anything else you need to put your displays together.

  • Signage - Let people know who you are and what you sell. You want to entice them into your booth.

  • Adequate Tent Weights - nothing will ruin your day - and the day of the vendors around you - quicker than a gust of wind that takes your tent for a ride. Make sure you have tents weights of at least 40lbs per tent leg, and the weights should be secured to the tent frame. 

I hope this is helpful! Is there anything else you would add to the list? 

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