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Five Products to Sell at Your Next Art Market

Hey artists, have you ever gone to a farmers market or art show and been really disappointed with your sales? 

Yeah, me too.

Artist in her art booth at a market selling a variety of items.
My booth once I added a greater variety of items.

At most markets, my usual sale is between $35 and $100. So at the first few markets when I only had higher priced original paintings and pottery I didn’t sell as much overall. So I started diversifying my product offerings a bit more and have seen my overall sales go up as a result. Below are five products to sell at your next art market, that have helped me make a bit more money at each event. 

1. Art Prints: This is the product I sell the most of by far. I offer prints in a few different sizes to appeal to different budgets and home decor needs. I start my prints at $35 and go up by $20 for each size from there. 

2. Stickers: People LOVE stickers. I have made a variety of my paintings into stickers with Sticker Mule. Their website is really user friendly and makes creating custom stickers so easy! 

3. Notebooks: I think a lot of my customers are like me and love a good notebook (just maybe that new notebook will change your life). I used Denik to make custom notebooks with my art on them and the quality has been really great. 

4. Greeting Cards: Small greeting cards make a really easy purchase for your customers. They are affordable and because they are to be sent to someone else, I think they are really easy for people to justify buying. And for you, they are wonderful marketing. You never know where those cards might end up and that recipient might just fall in love with your art (so make sure your name and website are on the cards somewhere). 

5. Wearable Art: Try out making some wearable art for something a different way for your customers to express themselves. I live in ski country, so I made some neck gaiters with my brightest art printed on them and they have been a hit every year.

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