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Behind the Scenes: Creation of a Custom Mural

Updated: Mar 20

Come with me behind the scenes to see how I created the mural at the Bluebird Market in Silverthorne.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a mural? What goes into the process from idea to execution? In the post below, I'll take you along through my process of creating a mural from start to finish.

Step #1 - Meet with Client + Create a mood board

The first step of every mural is to meet with the client and get a feel for what they want to

Mural Mood Board Example

see in their mural. We discuss the project in detail including what colors they gravitate towards and will work well in the space and the style and content they want to see in the mural.

I then create a mood board that I send along with

the mural estimate. This way you can see what I pull from for inspiration. These mood boards include both my work and other examples of work that exemplify the style the client is drawn to.

Step #2 - Create two unique designs

Once we have agreed on a direction for the mural design, I create two unique design options for the mural. Below are the two designs that were created for Bluebird Market Hall in Silverthorne.

Step #3 - Revise the mural design

Feel free to include personal details and examples. The more relatable you or your website is, the more you connect with your readers. As part of the mural process, each client gets one round of revisions. From the designs above, Bluebird Market had a few specific things they wanted to see changed. The changes included:

  • only include the topographic lines on the bottom

  • change the stellars jay (the bird on the bottom) to another bluebird

  • brighten up the colors overall

With taking those desires into account, we landed on a final design that everyone was pleased with.

Step #4 - Final Design

Here's the final mural design! You can see in the final design, I've taken all the client's feedback into account and revised our design to make sure that everyone is happy with the end product.

Step #5 - Install the mural

Now we've got a design that everyone is happy with, it's time to install the mural!

Want a mural for your home or business?

Does this peak behind the scenes have you wanting a mural for yourself? I travel for murals and work in both residential and commercial settings. Get in touch here to start the conversation, or send me an email at

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