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What to Expect in a Watercolor Workshop

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Looking for something new to try? Want to flex your creative muscles?

Try taking a watercolor workshop with me. But I’m not creative you say? Nonsense. I am a firm believer that creativity is a learned skill because I didn't think I was creative as a kid. But the more art forms I tried, the more I began to believe I could be creative.

Do I have you convinced that you can be creative, but you're not sure what to expect from a watercolor workshop? Here’s the rundown of what I will be teaching at my upcoming workshops. They are all beginner friendly, but even someone who has painted a while will pick up something new.

I’ll start each workshop out with a short overview of the different types of watercolor supplies. We’ll go through the different varieties of watercolor paint, brushes, and paper. I run through this so that if you want to continue painting on your own after the workshop you have a little bit better place to start buying supplies from. Once my participants have a basic understanding of the supplies they are using we work on a few basic watercolor concepts. These basic concepts help you get a feel for how watercolor works and are really all you need to master to understand watercolor.

One of the most important parts of learning watercolor is getting a feel for the correct water to paint ratio to achieve the results you want. So, you will always have some time to play around with the basic techniques to get a feel for how the paint moves on the paper.

Once everyone has had a chance to play wit the paint a bit, we’ll move on to the painting the particular topic for that workshop. For my upcoming workshops we'll focus three different topics, starting with painting trees and plans, then watercolor skies, and finally painting a full mountain landscape.

I hope you fee a bit more comfortable checking out a workshop in the future now that you know what to expect from painting workshop!

Interested in booking a workshop for your next corporate event or group event in the mountains? Reach out at to schedule a unique creative activity at your next event.

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